Kelly Moran

Kelly Moran (born February 17, 1988) is an American composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Brooklyn. Her music spans classical, electronicminimalistjazzimpressionist, and metal genres. In many of her compositions, Moran utilizes electronic musical techniques in combination with the John Cage-pioneered technique of the prepared piano. Moran signed with Warp Records in September 2018.

Moran utilizes the prepared-piano format in her compositions, which involves altering a piano by placing objects on or between its strings. The style was pioneered by musicians John Cage and Henry Cowell. Moran’s style is also compared to Erik Satie.  Moran creates unique timbres through this method, often placing items like screws within the piano and playing the strings with her fingers or an EBow.  Moran then records each sound she produces through these methods and feeds them into MIDI software and a sampling keyboard, thus allowing her to electronically manipulate the recordings and play them back as complex, new sounds. This technique creates «an electro-acoustic hybrid instrument» uniquely her own.

In addition to Cage, Moran cites Tori Amos and Kayo Dot as artistic influences.

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